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New Build Cleaning

New Build Cleaning requires a different set of abilities and requirements from standard cleaning.

Professional New Build Cleaning, Rosca Group
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Here at ROSCA we train and supervise our staff for Occupation Health and safety issues to insure the highest standards when it comes to a safe working environment.

We understand the challenges and the need for scheduling flexibility at the end of a new build or refurbishment project. With several trades to finish their part of a project, we will work around them and finish the job on time to the highest possible standard.

We will bring necessary staff and equipment and provide a clean after the construction is completed so that the facility is ready for inspections and tenants. New Build Cleaning  is a tough job and require skilled cleaners and the use of right tools and consumables, to get the best results. Our New Build Cleaning staffs are highly trained to remove the toughest stains, concrete, paint and all other results of tough construction environment.

ROSCA New Build Cleaning team is Experienced & Professional for a peace of mind of our clients.

As one of the very few cleaning services companies we offer a 24/7 service on projects where time is at a premium.

For a FREE no obligation quote please call Rosca New Build Cleaning on 0800 799 9149, or fill out our contact form.

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