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Flood Restoration

If your home or business property has been flooded, or damaged with sewage? You need to you act fast!

Professional Flood Restoration Cleaning, Rosca Group
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Flood Restoration required immediate action

It is crucial to begin the water removal, clean up and repair as soon as possible, preferably within the first 24-48 hours, as a timely response to a flood  will help prevent mold growth as well as extensive structural disintegration of the water damaged property.

In addition, damaged content, such as furnishings and personal items can also be rescued with a correct and timely response to a flood emergency.

If your house, office has been flooded, or damaged with sewage, you need to you act fast. Every minute that your property is exposed to moisture increases the potential damage. Getting a flood restoration service as soon as possible after flooding occurs is vital to protect your structure from costly and potentially harmful damage.

Kills Bacteria – No Costly Replacement – Like it Never Happened

Irrigation with special inhibitors

  • Extract & repeat – as needed
  • Shampoo & deodorize
  • Hot water extract & groom
  • Rapid force air dry

At Rosca, we employ a well trained staff and use the highest quality water extraction equipment for all our flood water damage removal projects. Our vans and crews are ready and available 24/7 to tackle your water damage emergency for any flood water removal situation.

For the fastest flood restoration, flood repair and flood clean-up service call ROSCA on 0800 799 9149 and talk directly to a supervisor.

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