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The health of your family is always one of your top priorities. Hence, you have to keep your household clean. You have to remove the dirt in your appliances, furniture items, couches and sofas, and everywhere else.

Among the many items which you have to clean properly are the carpets.

Carpets are often placed on the floor to give a good ambiance in your living rooms and bedrooms. However, you have to admit that there are many micro-organisms living inside your carpets when you do not wash them thoroughly. Getting a competitive professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets can be some what of a minefield. You can rest assured you are in safe hands with ROSCA, the amount you spend on your carpet cleaning far outweighs the risk of hospitalisation.

Rosca Carpet Cleaning Specialists, why choose us?

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning Services are offered by companies who specialise in the carpet cleaning sector. These companies often consists of teams of highly trained and qualified in providing carpet cleaning services who have had years of expensive training and have knowledge in the carpet cleaning sector. This means they have all of the training to use commercial carpet cleaning tools and machinery as well as the knowledge to inspect a carpet and choose an appropriate cleaning solution before the job begins.
  • As you are using a professional carpet cleaning service you are not actually doing the work yourself. This saves you hours of labour outside of your own regular working hours and means you need not worry about fitting the carpet cleaning into your own busy schedule. So sit back, relax, your carpets are in good hands.
  • Some people think that using a professional carpet cleaning service is actually going to cost more than doing it themselves; however in most cases this is wrong. To effectively clean the carpets yourself you are going to need all of the commercial cleaning machines that come as part of the package when using our carpet cleaning solution. Renting or leasing a commercial carpet cleaning machine is going to cost you minimal fee, but in most cases a carpet cleaner provider will charge less than this and do the whole job for you at a competitive rate
If you need any extra information or if you are interested in any other services with regards to your carpets or other upholstery cleaning, you can simply phone us today and one of our carpet cleaning specialists will assist you with your needs.  As a professional company, we are more than happy to offer you additional services usually at a discount rate.

The Rosca Carpet Cleaning Service offers the following to its valued customers:

  • High Cleaning Standards
  • Same Day Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • All Workmanship Fully Guaranteed

Why buy new when you can have your carpets cleaned for a fraction of the cost?

The Rosca Carpet Cleaning solution reaches throughout the home counties and surrounding areas. We use modern and effective carpet cleaning methods and we are trained to solve tough cleaning problems. Rosca is committed to providing you with the best service available. Our teams of professional dedicated carpet cleaners are trained by National Training Academy for the Cleaning Industry, skilled in all aspects of carpet care from identification of carpet fibers to soil analysis and carpet treatments using specific Prochem machines and chemicals in order to ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned.
Our Carpet Cleaning Technicians are fully trained in the use of Prochem Machines and Prochem Cleaning Products

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and our crew will carefully clean your carpet with citrus cleaners that are pH balanced and hypo allergenic. Our professional service is backed by our 100% Clean Guarantee.

Our methods are recommended by most carpet manufacturers to meet maintenance requirements. We utilise state-of-the-art truck mounted and portable carpet cleaning equipment allowing deeper cleaning and faster drying time. We provide carpet cleaning services for a variety of sectors, including residential, office buildings, hotels, pubs, restaurants, student campuses, hospitals and more. So before replacing carpets and upholstery, we at Rosca carpet cleaning specialists would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry. Add ROSCA to your emergency contact list or call now on 0800 799 9149 to discuss about your carpet cleaning services needs.

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