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Hard Floor Cleaning

Looking for a professional Hard Floor Cleaning Service?

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning, Rosca Group
Professional Hard Floor Cleaning? Call ROSCA on 0800 799 9149 for your Free Hard Floor Cleaning Quote

Rosca offer hard floor cleaning services across the home counties and surrounding areas. We ensure the beautiful appearance and cleanliness of all your floors with our top-quality floor cleaning and waxing techniques.

To prevent hard floor damage, experts and manufacturers suggest numerous treatments. Our well trained technicians by National Training Academy will remove all stains on all types of floors.

Because stains set in quickly, the sooner you call, the better result you will receive.

There are so many different types of hard flooring that many of our clients are not exactly sure what are the best products and techniques for keeping them clean. Some flooring types should be cleaned dry, semi-wet, or wet to prevent damage. Other flooring types can handle harsh chemicals, while some floors should only be exposed to mild cleansers.

Other times, the wrong cleaning can come up with a dull finish, strip off a floor’s wax or polish, or leave behind a film or residue. So it is not surprising that it is difficult to keep all of these considerations in mind when it comes to keeping hard floors clean in a building that might have multiple flooring types for different rooms.

Contact people traffic leaves your beautiful, unique flooring looking less than perfect. More importantly, excess built-up dirt permanently damages your floors and creates unsafe scratches and nicks.

With professional floor cleaning and waxing, your floors maintain their shine for longer, show less damage from every day wear and tear and make your living spaces safer for everyone.

Here at Rosca we know that regular floor cleaning and maintenance is needed to keep floor surfaces looking beautiful, this also increases the longevity of your floor which saves you money and time in the future.

Our professional hard floor cleaning services include: 

  • Hardwood Flooring & Maintenance
  • Ceramic Tiles Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Marble Cleaning

 Our Hard Floor Care solutions include:

  • Strip & WaxScrub & Recoat
  • Spray Buff
  • Burnishing
  • Machine Scrubbing

Please note, we also have a great range of Janitorial Cleaning Supplies that may be helpful for you too, contact a ROSCA representative to discuss your cleaning supplies requirements.

For your FREE no obligation quote, or for your Janitorial Cleaning Supplies call ROSCA on 0800 799 9149, or complete our quick quote contact form.

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