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Why Choose Rosca

Why Choose Rosca? ROSCA Group is an established National Cleaning Company offering Cleaning & Maintenance solutions across the UK.

Rosca are committed to providing high quality, affordable cleaning services to home owners and businesses across the UK. Using ROSCA means that you can expect excellent communication, affordable prices and professionally delivered cleaning solutions for your home and businesses.

Reasons to choose Rosca 

  • Quality Assurance - We provide a detailed clean every time.
  • Commitment - We are committed to serve you.  Our cleaners complete the service using our step-by-step checklist each time they clean your property, making sure nothing is missed.
  • Reliability - You can count on a fully trained cleaner being at your house ready to work at the scheduled time and day.
  • Convenience - We strive to make your life easier and believe that convenience is just that. We take pride in becoming a  solution to your cleaning needs.
  • Safety & Security - All of our employees are trained on safety and security and follow strict guidelines on each cleaning visit.

How ROSCA are different:

  • This is our full-time business. Therefor we will do everything it takes to have satisfied client which equals long-term relationship and mutual benefit.
  • We know that small things matter therefore we train our cleaners to pay attention to minor details, that usually get neglected.
  • Through extensive screening we hire mature, responsible and reliable staff.
  • We always check our people's performance, because even the best cleaners feeling less control can get too relaxed.
  • We listen to your complains and promptly respond to them.

As successful business owners we have learned the best way to get people talking about you, requesting your services and referring you, is to offer outstanding customer service, treat your employees like family and go above and beyond each and every time. That is why if you are not satisfied we will come clean your house again when you notify us within 24 hours.

For a FREE no obligation quote please call Rosca on 0800 799 9149, or fill out our contact form.

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